• Sustainable Hardwoods

    On: June 14, 2014
    In: Environment, Innovation, Materials
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    Illegal logging is rife in places like Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, and masking the origins of the timber and their devastating consequences for the natural habitat in these regions has to be stopped. Conscious sustainable sourcing of timber must become the standard. ASH (Australian Sustainable Hardwoods) in Heyfield Victoria, is a pioneer in the timber industry. A privately owned lumber, plywood and millwork company founded in 2011, with 210 employees, they are the largest sustainable hardwood operation in Australia. (more…)

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  • Design that heightens interior spaces with the experience of the outdoors.

    On: September 25, 2013
    In: Design, Materials, Residential
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    Coming from a QLD upbringing and now living on the Mornington Peninsula, I am a self-confessed nature lover. I am constantly inspired and in awe of the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape.
    The outdoors has a natural appeal to humans. The sky, earth, water, and other outdoor elements make us feel refreshed, calm, and one with the earth. How do we get these elements from the outdoors, inside of our home?

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