Sustainable Hardwoods

On: June 14, 2014
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Illegal logging is rife in places like Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, and masking the origins of the timber and their devastating consequences for the natural habitat in these regions has to be stopped. Conscious sustainable sourcing of timber must become the standard. ASH (Australian Sustainable Hardwoods) in Heyfield Victoria, is a pioneer in the timber industry. A privately owned lumber, plywood and millwork company founded in 2011, with 210 employees, they are the largest sustainable hardwood operation in Australia.

Producing a range of stunning timber products used for internal and external joinery, windows, staircases and high strength structural timbers. Only certified regrowth Victorian Ash sawlogs are used in manufacturing timber products at ASH. The light coloured hardwood and quartersawing process ensures consistent colour and grain which is very easy to stain if desired. The unique straight line edging process and high tech ultrasound technology provide straight and well graded timber that is available from distribution networks both Nationally and Internationally to ensure prompt service and availability. ASH produce a full range of widths and thicknesses and offer custom sizes and packaging. The operation can produce longer and wider than ‘standard’ upon request with third party certification for quality, environment, safety and chain of custody guarantees across the entire operation for the best possible products. It is very inspiring to learn about companies in the industry that have integrity and innovation and set a benchmark.


Best Supplier in Australia; visit ASH website:
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